The weapon of Dua-believers

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Du'a is a noble spiritual form of worship, a highly instructive book and a must for every Muslim-Now with discount shipping!



The importance and etiquette of du'a in Islam

Yasir Qadhi of translated from English by Sara Madani

About the book:

In this paper investigates and back-lit author of the
Significance, importance and etiquette of du'a in Islam. In the
most comprehensive book on this subject, which in German
Language was written, are inter alia following topics:
- The grandeur and the benefits of du'a
- The types of du'a
- The preconditions for her listening to a du'a
- The recommended etiquette for the right to perform a du'a
- Times and conditions under which the response is favorable to a du'a
- Number of criteria that are helpful for her listening to a du'a or preventing
- The relationship between the divine and the determination of Du'a (Qadr)
- The wisdom behind a delayed response
and some other relevant issues.
A highly instructive and necessary book for every Muslim!


The content:

Du'a is a noble, spiritual form of worship, which allows the created beings, the majesty of the Creator and His Eminence appreciate. For this reason the believer turns to his Lord, if he needed help and after all other attempts are exhausted for a solution or a solution. He turns to his Lord, to receive from Him satisfaction, security and clarity, and he shall receive a blessing, which he will not find anywhere else. How can this be otherwise, when he turns to the Lord of lords, the king of all kings, one who is free and independent of all the wishes and needs and is praised at all times?
So when you consider the importance of this type of worship, it is necessary for every believer, without exception, become familiar with the grand nature of the du'a.
This brings a lot of open questions with him, which will be answered. What is du'a? Where the blessing is in it and what are the advantages or strengths that? How to run a du'a in the right way? Why not receive an answer of a du'a to be and the other? How to increase the chances that one's du'a is heard and accepted? And what prevents a du'a is answered? But even if everything is already predetermined, and if so, what du'a is good then? Understandably, because if it is already written down, it will happen, with or without du'a? And if it is not written down, then it is irrelevant how many du'a is done because it is not done yet?



About the Author:

Abu Yasir Qadhi Ammaar was born in Houston, Texas / USA. He obtained his primary and secondary education in Gidda / Saudi Arabia, and completed his degree at the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Chemical Engineering. Then he was at the Islamic University of Madina
accepted and received his diploma in Arabic. After being with the B.A. college fušr Hadit and Islamic studies successfully completed, he graduated from the MA Islam in Theology ('aqeedah) at the Da'wa College of this University.
He recently earned his doctorate in the Department of "Religious Studies" at Yale University, New Haven (Connecticut).


Author: Yasir Qadhi

Translator: Sara Madani

Format: 14.8 x 21 cm

ISBN: 978-3-941111-05-9

Year: 2008

Page Number: 272

Language: German

Publisher: Islamic Library